More time, more space, and a lot less stress.You can transform a cluttered room, closet, or garage into a fashionable, desirable and fully functional space.


A garage needs to have a solid structure and needs to be well designed. Here in MCK we know that many home owners use the garage, not only to keep their cars inside, but as a storage area. We keep that under consideration when designing a garage, we leave space for your vehicles and for your storage area.

We use the best materials when remodeling or constructing a garage. MCKhas been building garages for more than 15 years now. You can have your garage door open automatically by pressing a button or you can make it simpler and have it opened manually. We can present offers that fit your budget. Call us now for a free estimate!


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Our focus since we began has been towards enhancing the beauty and aesthetics of residential and commercial properties throughout all of South Florida with our unmatched quality and unparalleled services.

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