More time, more space, and a lot less stress.You can transform a cluttered room, closet, or garage into a fashionable, desirable and fully functional space.


It is very important to have a well built and designed closet for every bedroom of any property. In order to keep any room organized you always need room to keep all the stuff you are no using. It is up to the design according to your property’s space that will determine if you will have a very spacious closet. MCK is the best company in town when it comes to building closets because we take every detail into consideration.

You can work with different materials when it comes to building closets; some homeowners like wooden closets and other like to use aluminum to separate the closet’s space. We do anything from custom closets, home offices, garages, wall beds, entertainment centers, laundry rooms, wall units to wine & pantries. Call MCK if you need a free estimate on your closet project. We have been the number one choice in town for many years because we keep affordable prices without compromising the quality of our work. Call today for a free estimate!



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Our focus since we began has been towards enhancing the beauty and aesthetics of residential and commercial properties throughout all of South Florida with our unmatched quality and unparalleled services.

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